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  Memes can create CO2 emissions.  Internet |  Web Connection - News Technology - Technology

The world of the ‘pre-pandemic’ was widely interconnected, which would probably triple during the ‘post-pandemic’, considering that we were able to communicate and carry out our daily tasks in the time of Kovid-19. Use networks and digital devices (telecom was implemented) in a good number of companies and in almost all educational institutions in the world, at least in 2020, their courses are almost taught).

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Digital chat Currently it is most important for the people. You can know many details of a situation by sending a WhatsApp or a call, via a text message. Attendance may not be completely necessary today, at least not entirely.

And even less in times of physical disturbances as a preventive measure against Kovid-19.

About the basics of digital communication, an article by ‘Pescusa Jewariana’ explores its reality Environmental impacts For internet usage.

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And the fact that networks, beyond the ‘ether’ – no one can understand the Wi-Fi signal with their own hands, for example – come from complex technological devices that need to be connected to the world from end to end under certain conditions Is required.

Internet works because somewhere there is something physical“, The above article indicated the forestry engineer Carlos Alfonso Leiva.

The text, in fact, briefly reviews at least three physical elements that require electrical energy, at least, to function: submarine cable, giant data centers And physical Wi-Fi connection towers.

In Colombia, in the free trade zone of Bogotá, a data center of the Brazilian company Odata is located, which is more than 5,000 meters in length.”, The article states.

It is necessary for these and other elements to work Various connections Electrical equipment which is not only intended to keep the appliances running. Should be kept less than a data center 50 degree centigrade And, in view of its continuous activity, it requires different methods of temperature control.

Disaster girl meme

The photo for this meme was taken in 2005 and his father won a photo contest with the image.

Mem 'Ay, no'.

The orangutan, called ‘Lup’, is part of the collection of the IKEA brand and the now famous “Oh No …” meme


Twitter: @mx_ikea / Facebook: Memeso Chososos

Mem 'hide pain harold'

Harold has traveled the world with his face turned into a meme.


Instagram: @painharold

Meme 'doge'

The ‘Doge’ meme originated in 2013 on the Tumblr platform.

Distracted lover

The estranged boyfriend Mem was born in 2015 but went viral in 2017.

Mem 'roll safe'

A mock Vein documentary made him famous by turning him into a meme.


Twitter: @rollsafe_memes / Instagram: @ kayewumi6

The average CO2 produced on a page is 1.76 grams. This means that a page with 10,000 trips a year consumes 211 kilograms.“, It is stated that.

This happens because to send an email, to search for a meme and to spread it to chat groups, even to video calls (in times of these imprisonment, but in any context and location) , You need equipment in optimal conditions.

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Christmas conversation

It is worth saying that, as the text suggests, video calling, although it produces carbon emissions, is a lot more friendly to the planet than face-to-face meetings.

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Yes actually: Is the expense Despite being low level.

Experts cited in the text have proposed to ‘save’ the use of web browsing networks. For example, maintaining an orderly email can help protect the database from being corrupted by potentially unnecessary documents.

Sometimes thinking about ‘just in case’, We save many images, memes and stickers that we probably won’t use in our daily conversations.

It wouldn’t hurt to remove them.

Each message produces 0.014g CO2, while a message on WhatsApp or Facebook equals 0.2g CO2, which is even less polluted than an email”, The article states.

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