Mobile phone blasting while doing video repair

Mobile phone blasting while doing video repair

A video of a mobile phone explosion is now making headlines on social media.

Mobile phones have become indispensable like food in human life. People who don’t spend at least two hours a day on their mobile phones can no longer be seen. In this way how much mobile phone has affected everyone’s life. But they are also dangerous if not used carefully. One such video is now making headlines on social media.

Everyone knows that mobile phones should not be used on charge. This is because the phone battery will overheat and explode. We have seen reports of people getting injured in many such mobile blasts. But now the video which is going viral is different from this.

The battery explodes when the phone is opened for service. When an employee of the phone shop tried to open the phone in front of the owner, the phone exploded in his hand. It can be seen in the video that the fire is rising due to the exploding phone and the employees and shopkeepers got scared on seeing it.

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Several people commented below the video that the explosion was caused by the inexperience of the phone repair worker. Some people commented in the video that mobile phone service should be provided at authorized service centers.

Now the video which is going viral proves once again that phones are dangerous. Be careful not only with a punctured phone but also a phone with a damaged battery. It is safe to replace the battery as soon as possible in case of battery swell etc. Otherwise the phone will explode like this and will be lost forever.

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