More single-core performance: Intel’s Core i7-13700K is faster than the i9-12900K, according to benchmarks

after a few days ago Core i5-13600K . Cinebench R23 results for Appeared, but is followed today by Geekbench values ​​that were created with the Core i7-13700K. Intel’s Raptor Lake CPUs have eight performance and efficiency cores each, have 24 threads and are compatible with existing LGA1700 mainboards. Related BIOS updates are already available.

Geekbench Run used to run on Windows 10. it serves as the basis ASRock Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E (HardwareLux Review), where the amount of RAM is not known. The Core i7-13700K had a base clock read of 3.4 GHz and peaked at about 5.3 GHz on the highest. The topology virtually confirms that the Core i7-13700K will bring eight performance cores as well as eight efficiency cores, as was the case with the previous generation only with the Core i9-12900 series. The eight faster cores also support SMT or Hyper-Threading, so that the processor has a total of 24 threads.

A single-core score of 2,090 and a multi-core score of 16,542 were achieved on Geekbench version 5.4.5. But what do these results say? If the performance values ​​of the Core i9-12900K are used as a comparison, it shows that the Core i7-13700K brings slightly higher single-thread performance down the road, with 2,090 points, as the Core i9-12900K has around 1,900 points. There are points. , However, due to the clock advantage, the latter offers greater multi-threading performance with around 17,300 points, while the Core i7-13700K in this case scored 16,542 points.

Overall, the performance evaluation for Intel’s Core i7-13700K is pretty good, even though Geekbench is only a synthetic benchmark and shows underpowered everyday performance. It won’t take long before 13th core generation Intel launches with Raptor Lake CPUs. As already mentioned, existing LGA1700 mainboards are compatible with the Raptor, provided the BIOS has been updated accordingly. Near Asus And msi This also ASRock Manufactured Intel 600 boards. And, of course, the appropriate BIOS updates for the Gigabyte model are also expected.

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