Motorcycle vibrations damage iPhone camera: Apple

Motorcycle vibrations damage iPhone camera: Apple

Cupertino’s tech giant Apple has given an important message for iPhone users. The company says that riding a bike with an iPhone can damage the phone. The camera may be bad. Vibration from the engine of a high-power bike can damage the camera of the smartphone.

Users are advised not to attach their smartphones to anything like the handlebar or chassis of a motorcycle. Why not the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) used in the phone will come in direct contact with the vibrations. However, riders can easily use a smartphone when riding low-powered devices such as mopeds or electric scooters. In this way the chances of damage are greatly reduced.

These two features of the iPhone are related to the gyroscope or magnetic sensor. These gyroscopes or magnetic sensors are meant to prevent vibration problems even if the phone vibrates while taking pictures or videos. Usually when the phone is shaken while taking pictures, the picture becomes blurry or blurry. or trembles. To avoid these problems, many iPhones have optical image stabilization feature. Here are the gyroscope sensors. With the help of this, even if the phone is shaken carelessly while taking pictures, the pictures are not blurred.

Sources: Macriamers and The Verge.

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