NASA astronauts will land on the moon in SpaceX’s spacecraft

NASA astronauts will land on the moon in SpaceX's spacecraft

It is likely to be a key component for space company SpaceX’s upcoming Artemis missions.

NASA’s role spacex expanded on their lunar missions. The space company founded by Elon Musk may send astronauts to the Artemis mission in 2025.Artemis 3) and 2027 (Artemis 4) to land on the moon.

SpaceX had earlier won NASA’s bid in April 2021 lunar module to build for the Artemis mission. However, only a few weeks later, development of the Moon lander was halted – competitors protested the award of the contract.

Contract extended with SpaceX

NASA was originally going to select more than one lunar lander vendor for the Artemis mission, but did not find the necessary financing by the US Congress. So you decide on SpaceX as the sole provider.

It was not until March 2022 that NASA approved further applications for an additional lunar module. All US companies except SpaceX were free to submit their submissions here. “This strategy accelerates progress toward long-term, sustainable landing activity,” said NASA Executive Lisa Watson-Morgan. Engadget, “We believe that 2 companies can safely land astronauts on the lunar surface.”

NASA has now extended the contract with SpaceX and commissioned further development of its lunar lander for manned missions. should be as part of 2027 Artemis 4 Mission One second landing mission takes place on the Moon. Extra mission brings SpaceX around $1.15 billion, your original contract was in force $2.9 billion scheduled.

Artemis mission may be delayed

first manned landing during Artemis 3 Mission is scheduled for 2025. However, NASA expects delays in the development of the landing system and new space suit and a launch in 2026 cannot be ruled out. It is planned that 4 astronauts up to one Orbit Will be taken around the moon. 2 of them should go again lunar module Fly to and from the surface of the Moon with SpaceX.

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Artemis 4 Mission Then more astronauts should be put on the moon. The lunar modules are supposed to carry astronauts to and from the space station which is still to be built “door“To the moon and back again. Their launch is planned no earlier than 2027.


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