Nearby mailbox: how to find it + free time

Nearby mailbox: how to find it + free time

Where is the nearest mailbox? A question that probably everyone has asked themselves at one time or another. Here’s how to find the answer.

Even in times of e-mail and messenger, mailboxes are still used. The only problem is that they are either completely unrecoverable (for postcards) or were emptied an hour ago (for important letters). You know all this? Then we’ll show you a simple way to find every mailbox nearby in the future, including free time.

Find a Mailbox Nearby – It’s That Simple

The most reliable source for mailbox locations is Deutsche Post. there is one on their website

location finder,

Which can also be used to locate mailboxes, among other things:

  1. open

    Location finder in browser.

  2. Under the search bar, click Mailbox.

  3. Enter the current or desired location (address, zip code, city).

  4. Start the search with the Enter key or by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol.

On the left you find a list of results sorted by distance, shown to you as a map view on the right. If you click on a result, you get more information like the exact address and collection time for each day of the week.

Deutsche Post Location Finder will help you find your mailbox.

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Deutsche Post Location Finder will help you find your mailbox.

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Deutsche Post Mobile App



) You also have a location finder ready when you are on the go. To find a particular mailbox, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Posts app and tap Location in the lower menu bar.

  2. Enter the location in the search bar (address, zip code, city).

  3. Go to the filter icon in the top right and select “Mailbox” in the search filter.

  4. Tap “Apply” to start the specific search.

Similar to the browser, you get a sorted list with the next post box at the top. To switch between list and map view, simply tap on the gray bar labeled “Result List”. When you select them you will get detailed information about different places.

Practical for the Go: Location Finder in the Post App.

in great shape

Practical for the Go: Location Finder in the Post App.

Find the post box that empties late

How do you find the next mailbox that will be empty on the same day? An important question, because sometimes the letter can’t wait until the next day. There are two ways to do this in Location Finder:

  • In the result list you can see when the respective mailboxes are empty. a. see there for results with

    green message,

    Because emptying with these happens on the same day (screenshot above).

  • tick off

    Blank/Open Today option.

    This will only show you the mailboxes that need to be cleared.

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