Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Hand in Hand Again: Bringing the remake to life

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Hand in Hand Again: Bringing the remake to life

It seems like we live in an age of remasters and remakes. As games cost more to produce each passing year, some publishers prefer to bank on a proven hit rather than risk a new IP launch. The art of video games has existed for nearly fifty years, there is a wealth of old properties that can be reformed and renovated for a whole new audience that has not been born or is weak in the prospect of focusing on early release. That was in 2010 when EA tapped the Burnout Veterans Creighton Games to make a remake of the 1998 devastating hit Need for Speed ​​3: Hot Pursuit.

Excluding 3 from the name, the criteria are given the need for speed: hot search on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It maintains the pursuit of foreign cars and police from the original game while giving the car a very close range of criteria for handling and driving experience. It proved successful with players and ended 2010 as one of the most popular games of the year. Fast forward a decade and a remake of the hot pursuit is getting a remaster treatment for the current-gen console and Nintendo Switch.

2010 to 2020

Speed ​​Requirement: Hot Pursuit Remaster brings the original remake and all its post-launch DLC content in one package. The car models get a little upgrade with different graphical effects. The development team has also implemented an updated photo mode so that players can capture the exact moment when they are weakened by a road block with 3-block police cruisers in their Mitsubishi.

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The olog tolog driver statistics system from the original game gets a makeover for the remastered version, helping to facilitate asynchronous cross-platform time trials and leaderboards between friends on each version of the game. The PC version of the original remake still has an active community, while leaderboards and times will also be cleared in the game area for newcomers.

On the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, the action will be locked at easy 30fps to ensure continuous handling. The PC version will support up to f0 fps, although frame frames are not supported, as the developers have said that going to ncha causes all sorts of game issues. Those who have pre-ordered the next-gen console will be pleased to know that the Hot Pursuit Remaster will work in compatibility mode in the new game, ensuring consistent performance of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X version of the game.

The Nintendo Switch version is sure to thank you for the added portability. Players will no longer need to pay attention to their living room TV to enjoy a fast police chase across the country in various foreign cars. Like its console counterparts, the Switch version will use the Aut tolog for asynchronous cross-platform competition. You’ll be able to set hot LPSs and event scores on the go while your coach-locked friends get a chance to meet or beat the challenge.

I had the opportunity to rollout on the highway with the PC build of the Height Pursuit Remaster and it was easy to get back into action almost ten years after I last played. The updated car models running at 4K resolution were allowed to shine and the framerate was super-solid. I’m not sure if the original PC release will keep the servers open that players would expect to jump to a remastered version to chase leaderboard spots.

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Love the radar

If you consider the Hot Pursuit one of the all-time racing classics or you don’t remember all the fanfare for the first time, this new reminder should get you there. It is set to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 13, 2020. Thanksgiving A break with a few Lamborghinis and McLarens should be a great way to avoid the inevitable political heat at the dinner table.

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