Neon Dawn Update balances 8 operators, here’s what’s new

Neon Dawn Update balances 8 operators, here's what's new

Rainbow Six Seas The newest operation dropped this week with the release of Neon Dawn, And with it comes a bunch of new stuff like another rator operator, other maps rework and more. Putting those new additions aside, there were eight ratters that were already playable Rainbow Six Seas Got a little attention as well. Patch notes released before the update show how each of the affected parameters will change so players can know what to expect from their favorites once the update is downloaded.

Aruni is the latest rator operator to live now Rainbow Six Seas. Defenders who use laser gates to block doors and other entrances, Aruni is the only ope operator Neon Dawn Operation. The new rator is combined with the redesign of the Paratro Skyscraper map which now has new ways for players to pass through, however, some items like entrances have been removed or blocked to force players on different strategies.

For the porters who were already there Rainbow Six Seas, The eight affected characters mentioned above are Hibana, Jagar, Echo, Ash, Twitch, Vami, Dokkebi and Valkyrie. You can see the changes affecting everything that comes straight from here Rainbow Six Seas Patch notes for Neon Dawn.


  • You can now choose 2, 4 or 6 X-Keros to shoot from the X-Keros launcher. Crossshares and red highlights appear when ADSing occurs. These visual guides will change according to the selected configuration.
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  • The ADS device does not own a 10 sec after destroying a projectile. When in Coldtown, the ADS will not make contact with an enemy projectile.
  • The ADS device now has an infinite number of charges over the previous 2.


  • Yokai drone cloaking has been removed and is now always visible.


  • The number of breaching rounds has been increased to 3 as compared to the previous 2.
  • The breach round loss is reduced to 50 hp compared to the previous 90 hp.
  • Stun grenades have been replaced with clamor.


  • Stun grenades are taking the place of Breach Charge.

Left i

  • The number of meg-nets has dropped to 4 compared to the previous 5.
  • The mag-net explosion is removed when the device auto-destroys.
  • Replacing the effect grenade deployable shield.


  • Frag is taking grenades instead of stug grenades.


  • Replacing the effect grenade deployable shield.

Rainbow Six Seas: Neon Dawn Now available on all platforms.


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