Neuro Opens a New Era: Permits for Self-driving Deliveries Arrives

Neuro Opens a New Era: Permits for Self-driving Deliveries Arrives

Now it will be more useful than ever to have similar vehicles on the streets of our city, but for those lucky people who will be able to pass good electric four wheel vehicles Nuro They will be residents of Santa Clara and San Mateo County, California. The startup actually announced Green light for road tests in spring But the statement of the last few hours is even more exciting: The company has received OK to begin its first real delivery Take advantage of its self-driving R2.

This is a real twist that opens up to unqualified interests, in fact there are many companies that are working on how to implement deliveries in the near future without the direct help of a little man. Amazon scout For drones, a revolution for the entire region.

Nuro This is the first one that can already work in California and definitely does not want to waste timeFor this reason, it will shortly announce one of the partners with which it will begin operations, as confirmed by David Estrada on Medium, Chief Legal and Policy Officer Of startup. While trials will continue in at least two other states, Neuro will soon begin deliveries in the aforementioned areas of Silicon Valley, perhaps the perfect setting for such a service.

Although the affected area is already large enough, the two big cities San Francisco and Oakland will currently remain out of the way; R2 will only be able to travel on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph (56.4 km / h) and their maximum speed cannot exceed 25 mph (40.2 km / h). The other essential condition is good weather, it will not be possible to take advantage of their first fleet on bad weather days.

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In short, looks like the future has already arrived, we will see how fast Neuro will move through that area but of course, this is one of the most promising ways to free up our busy cities and optimize campaigns. is.


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