New features in WhatsApp Gold and what makes it unique from the original Green version

New features in WhatsApp Gold and what makes it unique from the original Green version

WhatsApp Gold is one of the most important applications on the social networking platform, and it is also one of the applications that is characterized by ease of instant messaging, and it is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by the Yemeni developer Abu Arab, and we are in this article Introducing features and features of WhatsApp Gold that are not available in any other application, it is a program that allows people to communicate through video calls and voice calls more easily than any other application .

golden whatsapp application

The application is a copy similar to green WhatsApp, but the difference in Golden WhatsApp is that it has a large number of features and advantages that users enjoy while using this application with a lot of privacy to make it different from other traditional ones. The application, as well as the application, is available free of charge and completely free of any kind of ads that we experience in some apps.

Features of WhatsApp Gold Application

  • Ability to forward messages to 250 people at once
  • Change the color and location of notifications
  • remove floating button in conversation
  • Ability to stop downloading media automatically
  • Change scrolling effect up and down
  • Show full name in bar, regardless of length
  • Fixed all problems that occurred in the previous version
  • completely fix whatsapp crash problem
  • Change the look and feel of the story to your liking
  • Change voice to multiple voices when recording in conversation
  • Troubleshoot Night Mode in Settings
  • Activate fingerprint feature to close the conversation and maintain complete privacy
  • Get notified when someone changes their profile picture
  • Group messages added to groups
  • Ability to know who viewed your status as of late
  • Possibility to preview and confirm the poster before sending
  • Stop showing that you’ve seen the status
  • Prevent changed word from displaying while uploading status
  • without restricting autoresponders
  • turn on hide messages
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