New tariffs, finally about VoWiFi and communication in the metro – – All about mobile equipment and technologies

New tariffs, finally about VoWiFi and communication in the metro - - All about mobile equipment and technologies

The beginning of summer was marked by a whole bunch of positive news from Beeline.

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Voice over Wi-Fi

Voice over Wi-Fi, or VoWiFi, or Voice over Wi-Fi is one of the best technologies for smartphones. As you can guess from the name, the idea is that the communication is not a mobile network, but a Wi-Fi connection.

This is the optimal solution for situations when the smartphone is in an area of ​​weak network reception or even out of coverage. For example, if in the far corner of the apartment, in an underground parking lot or in a country house there is no mobile network, but there is Wi-Fi, then you can make and receive calls.

Beeline informs that calls via Wi-Fi will be charged as regular voice calls and will consume a package of minutes of the tariff.

VoWiFi technology is available on most Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones. But if on Samsung it is available by default, then Xiaomi, for some reason, prefers to hide this option.

However, enabling it is quite simple. In the dialer, you need to enter * # * # 869434 # * # *, after which a notification will be displayed that VoWiFi check is disabled, and in the SIM card settings, a VoWiFi switch will appear at the bottom of the screen, which should be activated.

So far, as indicated by “Beeline”, the service is operating in pilot mode. So we are waiting for more details on the implementation of VoWiFi.

For example, some carriers are using VoWiFi as an added advantage to their networks, allowing VoWiFi to make calls from abroad at domestic prices. I don’t think many people use it very often, as more and more instant messengers and video communications are in use, but the prospect is very attractive. By the way, do not forget to read below about the new tariffs from Beeline, which provides free unlimited Internet when traveling abroad.

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subway connection

On June 1, Beeline issued a winning press release that the construction of a 5G ready network in the Moscow Metro has been completed. The operator’s customers have access to both stable Internet and voice communication throughout the metro, including in the tunnels.

Readers with a good memory can tell, they say, what kind of news, if in December Beeline reported something similar. The difference is that then it was almost 100% at all metro stations, and now the operator has also closed the tunnels.

A different positive is that we are talking about 5G ready networks. Perhaps this feeling is due to the operator’s PR activity, but it seems that Beeline, against the background of others, is most actively preparing for the launch of 5G.

Therefore, in 2020 alone, the operator invested 15.5 billion rubles to improve networks in Moscow and the region, not only increasing the number of base stations, but also bringing existing equipment to the 5G ready level.

In 2020, over 10,000 new stations were commissioned, plus the frequency range was optimized. The peak download speed can be up to 300 Mbps, combining the frequency bands of LTE1800, LTE2100 and LTE2600. However, Beeline is most proud of the fact that it has managed to implement a seamless network in the metro and in the city, ensuring excellent network quality.

Telecom Daily did a study on the quality of communication in the metro: “Unlike 2019, Beeline approached the leaders in terms of speed characteristics and is the best in terms of connection stability between cellular operators. The average download speed is 38 Mbit / s, and in terms of speed from the subscriber it bypasses both MTS and MegaFon – 16 Mbit / s».

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Speaking about communication in the metro, it should be mentioned that now subscribers of the tariff plans “Close People 2”, “Close People 2+”, “Supercity”, “Communication Z” have access to the service “Unlimited Internet In”. Opportunity to join. Underground”. The cost of the service is 50 rubles per month. A very exclusive offer for those who often travel by metro. Well, what if!

In conclusion, on this section, we can say that in Moscow, in general, the best level of network coverage in the metro from all countries that I have been to. Neither the European nor the Chinese subways were parked nearby. Although it is a bit sad that Moscow is the best not only in the world but also in Russia. I believe that post-Moscow operators will pay attention to St. Petersburg, where there is still no stable signal and the tracks have good speed even under Nevsky Prospekt. And all operators have mastered the railway from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

Max rate

I would not say that this is the newest tariff, but, to be honest, I did not pay attention to many nuances.

The “maximum” tariff, as the name suggests, is best for Beeline’s offer:

  • 3000 minutes and unlimited calls to Beeline numbers (there is a subtlety here that initially calls to Beeline numbers, like other calls, consume a package of minutes);
  • Unlimited mobile Internet and unlimited delivery;
  • Beeline offers to connect an additional number to the tariff (it’s free) and use the SIM-card in the router and modem! A very rewarding moment;
  • You can connect up to 5 numbers, that is, 333 rubles per person. connection of additional numbers is free;
  • The 182 TV channel and movie subscription tariffs include;
  • Free roaming in Crimea and around the world!
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At the moment, I did not pay any attention to traveling. But this is probably the most profitable part!

For 2,000 rubles a month (or 333 rubles per month per person when filling out all additional numbers), Beeline offers unlimited Internet access to 150+ countries of the world and Crimea: Mobile Internet – is provided at a maximum speed of 200 MB per day, then at 128 Kbps until the end of the day. 128 KB /C – It’s not super fast, but for instant messenger and even video calling Skype It’s enough!

In addition to the Internet, calls are also included in the tariff. jadeWonk in popular countries: 30 minutes per month for any incoming and outgoing calls to Russia.

The offer turns out to be highly profitable, as it does not require additional payment. For comparison, roaming MTS is organized according to the principle of 390-450 rubles per day when accessing the Internet (consumption from the Internet package or unlimited). 4-5 days, and it turns out already for a month as a tariff from “Beeline”.

An additional bonus of the “Max” tariff is eSIM support, that is, you can connect to the “My Beeline” application directly at the airport (provided that the smartphone supports it).


Quite a strong start to summer from Beeline. Improving the quality of coverage, preparing for the launch of 5G, finally, the operator has VoWiFi. And the “maximum” tariff still looks like a pretty good solution for those who nonetheless intend to exit Russia this summer (that’s me!).

In the comments, as always, I urge you to share your insights about profitable offers from operators, as well as stories about your plans for the summer.


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