Nintendo Game Boy can be used to mine bitcoins

Nintendo Game Boy can be used to mine bitcoins

Nintendo launched the Game Boy in 1989 and since then, the Japanese small portable console has been with children of many generations. They even had heirs, as GB Color and GB Advance. And 32 years after its launch, it is interesting to see that there are still people who are Develops console software, It’s just that we’re not talking about games, we’re talking about bitcoin mining.

Many people confuse cryptocurrency mining like Ethereum with bitcoin mining. If in the case of the first type of cryptocurrency you can use a video card (Or more), In the second case you need the ASIC Minor with which the coin is generated. And Nintendo’s Game Boy can also mine Bitcoin. The console is connected to the PC via a Raspberry Pi Pico card using an SPI serial connector.

Nintendo Game Boy Bitcoin

How powerful is the Nintendo Game Boy?

Of course, this is just an experiment, because the Nintendo Game Boy is the last device you want to mine bitcoin. The handheld console uses a rapid LR35902 processor with a frequency of only 4.19MHz. To put things in perspective, I was talking yesterday about the new Intel Core i9-11900K processor, on which you can get frequencies above 7GHz. This is just a bracket that shows how much technology has evolved over 32 years.

What about this experiment? The portable console is about 125,000,000,000,000xxxx slower than ASIC Minor with the help of Sharp processors. So the bottom line is this: Although you can mine Bitcoin with the Nintendo Game Boy, it doesn’t mean that it makes sense to do so.

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