Nokia’s Android 11 Adventure, OnePlus 8T details confirmed, exciting Google Pixel revealed

Nokia's Android 11 Adventure, OnePlus 8T details confirmed, exciting Google Pixel revealed

Take a look at the seven days of news and headlines in the world of Android, this week’s Android circuit includes reviews of Galaxy S20FE and Realm7 Pro, OnePlus OnePlus 8T confirms details, new Google Pixel phones will unlock Nokia 8.3 Global’s Android 11 roadmap and new security features in Chrome 86.

The Android Circuit is here to remind you of some of the many things that have happened around Android over the past few weeks (and you can find the weekly Apple Pal News Digest here).

Review of Samsung’s Classy Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Fan Edition continues to collect praise. U.S. Priced at $ 699, Samsung’s fourth S handset in the 2020 S range seems to be balanced with the reality of meeting the low price issue. Dieter Bohan sets the scene before his review:

“… the S20F keeps the very important“ flagship ”parts enough to make it a great value at 699. It’s also positive proof that when Samsung wants to quickly rotate the phone, it can. Growth began shortly after the announcement of the original three S20 phones in March 2020, as it became clear that the economy would be tanked by the epidemic.

“” But the Galaxy S20F doesn’t look like a rush job. It has a few high-quality components that will delight while cheap parts don’t hurt the experience much. “

Read the full review on Edge.

Back of the OnePlus 8T

Ahead of the launch of the OnePlus 8T next week, the Shenzhen-based company is discussing a new look glass on the back of the 8T. Not only that, but the accompanying video confirms a number of design features, including Camera Island. CEO Pete Lou writes:

“Our ID (Industrial Industrial Design) engineers have explored ways to transcend the translucent and glossy texture of glass, while maintaining a slim and sturdy profile that also reduces fingerprint accumulation. Then. For more than 4 months, we achieved a breakthrough and produced a remarkable glossy back cover for the new Aquamarine Green variant of the OnePlus 8T. “

More in the OnePlus forum.

Unboxing new pixels

As early as October 15, many reviews are posting ‘unbox box xing’ videos of Google’s upcoming Pixel 5 and Pixel 4A 5G handsets. The two were trailed at the launch of the Pixel 4A in August, and in addition to the 5G addition, how do the two 4A smartphones compare to each other? Ryan Hager takes a closer look:

“If you’re familiar with the much-loved Pixel 4, Google’s latest phone does more than just share its name.

“… other design details match up to the radius of the corners and edges, and the hole-punch camera my cutout (although the hole itself looks slightly smaller than my eye). The thickness 4 of this non-MMwave model is also the same. There are a few other minor visual differences, such as a very slight change in the power button color and a slightly more prominent Google logo on the back, but you can easily confuse the Pixel 4A for the 4A 5G at a glance beyond the size difference. And cameras. “

More on Android Police.

Nokia 8.3 5G Android 11 News in the same week

Announced with the April release scheduled for March, HMD Global’s Nokia 8.3 was caught in a coronavirus epidemic. With the late James Bond film being promoted, 8.3 was held back. It is now being sold in the UK. Roland Hutchinson reports for Geeky Gadgets:

“The new Nokia 8.3 5G is on sale in the UK today and the handset is available for £ 499.99. If you buy the device before October 21st, it comes with free accessories priced at £ 100. It buys a wqho handset on top of anyone. It will get a six-month free trial of Google One with 100GB of storage. “

Also this week, HMD Global has confirmed which of its Nokia branded handsets will receive updates on Android 11. HMD Global has carried two years of Android updates and three years of security updates on all its handsets to further its messages, so it was a pleasure to see it move faster than the 11. Sumit Adhikari has reported:

“A total of 14 Nokia smartphones will be rolling out to the latest iteration of Android in the next two to three quarters. The first batch of lot includes Nokia 2.2, Nokia 5.3, Nokia 8.1, and Nokia 8.3 5G. They will start receiving major updates between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. .

Nokia 1.3, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 2.3, and Nokia 3.4 will follow them in the first quarter of next year. Somewhere in between 2021. Android Go powered Nokia 1 Plus and 2019’s flagship Nokia 9 PureView are the last two phones on the list. They won’t get Android 11 until the second quarter of 2021. “

More on it on Android headlines.

We are reviewing The Realm 7 Pro

A six-month update of RealMe’s mid-range handsets continues with RealMe 7 and RealMe 7 Pro. The GSM Arena team has reviewed the 7 Pro. Small recurring updates are nothing, they also highlight the benefits of the handset.

“The Realm 7 Pro wasn’t exactly what we expected – an additional upgrade to the Realm 6 Pro. We’re happy with the OLED switch and stereo speakers, sure, but may not be okay with some tradeoffs – 90 Hz refresh and dedicated telephoto camera now Is gone.

“After that, the Realm 7 Pro remains a very capable mid-range with an affordable price tag. It offers an incredible screen, design, battery life and charging. It also has good performance, and the photo quality looks very good. “

Read the full review on GSM Arena.

And finally …

Google has released Chrome this week with updated features for developers, numerous security improvements, warnings for unsafe forms and pages, general quality of life. Emil proteolinsy reports on all the details, Including a new password protection system:

“Chrome for Android and iOS now tells you whether the passwords you asked Chrome to remember have been tampered with. Chrome sends an encrypted copy of your usernames and passwords to Google, which checks them against a list of tampered credentials. Because they’re encrypted, Google won’t be able to see your username or password, the company claims. If you have a compromised password, Chrome will take you directly to the “Change Password” form.

More on VentureBet.

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