Oppo launched a phone with great features that competes with Samsung smartphones

Oppo launched a phone with great features that competes with Samsung smartphones

Oppo’s phone competes with Samsung’s smartphoneOppo is one of the best and best known technology and smartphone companies. It offers many different types of phones with great features and cheap prices and a lot less design than other types of phones. The Oppo company has been providing new designs for users from time to time with various modern features and some leaks explain the specs of the new Oppo phone which is expected to compete with Samsung with its modern phones.

Brand new Oppo A16

Going by the leaks announced, it is expected that this new phone to be announced by Oppo will compete with the latest and latest Samsung phones.

new oppo phone features

As for the specifications of the Oppo A16 phone, the leak has indicated that:

  • It works with a great and fast processor which is MediaTek Helio G35 processor.
  • The core of the phone is Cortex-A35, whose frequency is up to 2.6 GHz.
  • When the new OPPO A16 phone processor was tested through the famous Geekbench platform, the score obtained by the Core in the general performance test is 950 points, while the number of scores in the individual performance test is 177 points.

Specifications of Oppo A16 phone

Coming to the specifications of the Oppo A16, which is expected to be announced soon by Oppo Electronics, we find that:

  • It has IMG PowerVR GE320 GPU.
  • The battery capacity of OPPO A16 is 5000 mAh with a charger that works with the Wook feature.
  • As far as the RAM in the new phone is concerned, it jumps to 3GB.
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And some sites have mentioned that it is expected that two versions of the phone will be released, one version of them is working with the above features and features, and the other version is working with Exynos 850 processor, And the internal memory will be 64 GB and 128 GB, and the random access memory capacity will be up to 6 GB.


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