Pay me my cell phone!, the new form of extortion used by criminals

Do they blame you for breaking the cell phone?  Be careful, this is a form of extortion

pay me my cell phone! is one new form of extortion where is the target Blaming the victim for breaking the cell phone And force him to repair the damage. Juan RivasoMILF the reporter uno tv, shares what it is and what you should do if you find yourself in this situation.

“You are walking and at this moment a person bumps into you, causing your cell phone to fall and forces you to pay it“, Rivas said. Also, the reporter showed on video how this type of extortion happens.

Is form of extortion According to the testimony of the victims, it is reported near Tianguis or markets where there are dedicated premises for cell phones.

The criminals are going to pressurize the victim until they achieve their mission. Photo: Uno TV

this extortion modalities”pay me my cell phone!,

After hitting and accusing his victim as shown in the video, cell phone broke, the first thing the offender is going to do is to use different methods to press and put person’s defenselessness, from them: use of collaborators,

“That person is going to claim that the cell phone is worth thousands of pesos and you have to pay for it, but it doesn’t end there, then more people will come and they will pressurize the victim together.”

Juan Rivas, reporter

Later, criminals will suggest looking for a place to repair it: “Surprisingly there is a business nearby, very carefully you should never go with them.”

How to avoid being a victim of this type of extortion?

Among the recommendations given by the authorities to avoid being a victim of this extortion is called “pay me my cell phone!“They find each other:

  • Never agree to go anywhere with the offender or enter markets, or local.
  • Do not try to interact with them.
  • Get help from an authority or call 911.
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