People suffering from connection issues on launch day

People suffering from connection issues on launch day

On the day of the launch, outsiders faced connection issues as several issues arose.

People can launch Can Fly Fly Launcher on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, as well as directly on Xbox Game Pass and Google Stage and are struggling to keep up with the flow of players.

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I spent some time on the initial login screen tonight, which prevented me from playing at all. Finally, you are presented with an “Internet connection error” message informing you that you cannot connect to the outrider server. There is nothing left to do after this point, but try again.

Some players have reported that they eventually managed to connect after repeated attempts, but this is far from an ideal start.

Safe Outriders official website, Damage has been reported to affect the game. There is a cover note from PCF which states that the developer is “investigating the issue”.

This is not the only problem. There is a performance issue that affects multiplayer (again, PCF analyzes this) and a desynchronization between PC code and console code, which leads to the elimination of players from multiplayer crossplay games.

But in a post redditThe editor of Square Enix said: “We treat the issue with the highest priority and work on improvements that will synchronize all code on the platform, which will solve these problems.”

Steam and Epic players can play together, Square Enix said, and PlayStation and Xbox can also collaborate. But Square Enix has temporarily disabled automatic mapping between PCs and consoles.

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“If you invite a console player to your PC game via an invitation code (or vice versa), the game will initially connect, but a player will eventually be locked out of the game,” Square Enix warned Granted. “We strongly recommend that you do not do this until you have updated all versions of the game.”

Square Patch said that this patch will not be released today.

There is a thread on reddit Which summarizes all the initial problems of the game and presents solutions and alternative solutions where appropriate. While you wait for the connection, why not offer the latest Outriders Impressions a lecture?


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