“Phone theft” turned a girl’s life into a nightmare … and a list of charges!

In the lobby of a hotel in New York City, Mia Poncetto escapes accusing an African teenager of stealing her phone, but the incident apparently turns into a nightmare for the American girl, who is later arrested in California Was.

In late December, the incident occurred when Poncetto Keyon accused 14-year-old Harold Jr., the son of a prominent jazz musician, of stealing his cell phone.
During the video, Poncetto sought help from a man whom he heard identified himself as a hotelier, and the video continued to show the manager to confirm his claims to the young man Trying to show my cell phone.

Later, it was revealed that the Uber driver had received Poncito’s phone later in the day, and had picked him up from the hotel, only to accuse him of racism and theft for his actions.
The video created a panic situation on social media, as it became another example of how unfounded accusations have been leveled against owners of African property in the United States, while simply going about their lives, by musician Kayan Harold Published the video on his account and his conversation with the American newspaper “New York Times”. About the incident.

Prosecution prosecutes Ponsetto
A New York police official familiar with the case said Poncetto is facing a third-degree robbery charge as he was seen in the video of a teenager running away and trying to seize his cellphone.
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Poncetto has not been formally charged yet. He has not been accused of hate crime or bias, “because he didn’t say anything about it.”
A law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said prosecutors are not ruling out the possibility of bringing additional charges.
Tv interview
During a television interview, on Friday, Ponsetto appeared on CBS News, stating that her actions were not racially motivated, and instead presented herself as a young woman who better deal with the situation Could.
Her lawyer said the interview was an opportunity to apologize, but Poncetto deviated from the text and became confused during the narration of the facts and ended up with widespread irony on the Internet.
The lawyer said, “What concerns me now is her mental health and safety. She is behaving strangely.”

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Poncetto’s arrest
After the interview, Poncetto’s life was turned upside down, and he was arrested hours later by California authorities.
The arrest in California came after more than a week of pressuring the New York Police Department to hold it responsible, as officials in both the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the New York Police Department mentioned when someone ran into charges in another state It is not uncommon for officials to cooperate.
Mia Poncetto was arrested in Ventura County, California on Friday.
Poncetto appeared in court in California on Friday, and was later transferred to New York to face theft and other charges.


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