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What if the person at the other end of the screen appears as if they were real on the screen in front of them while making a video call? Google is launching a 3D version of the video caller and another person’s real. If you look at the two-dimensional images seen in the video call so far, you can see how amazing technology Google is creating. However, this is not a new concept. The process of converting the user into a 3D hologram takes place here. It should also be kept in mind that there is fierce competition among technology companies to bring such technology. Google’s project Starline is trying the latest of its kind. Some time ago, Microsoft made a similar attempt through its mixed reality platform Aries.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled the new technology at the ongoing I / O conference. Years ago he started a project to find out what is possible with technology. He called that project Project Starline. It combines various fields of computing. It uses hardware built specifically for this purpose. The new technology is still in its infancy. The company says it now has only a few offices. However, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the show is being shown right now as it is expected to be entertaining to the audience.

However, the company has not released any information about this. This means that it is an evolving technology. Google says that it uses only the latest hardware and software for Project Starline. This will give your friends, family and colleagues the feeling of being together. New technology can give the impression that they are physically together, even if everyone is sitting in a different place. I think that being able to give your physical presence to people living in other countries and cities would be a great technique. According to the company, this ‘magic-like situation’ was made possible by advances in their research areas such as computer vision, machine learning, specialized audio and live summons.

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The advent of realistic 3D holograms may open a new chapter in human interaction. There are indications that Google has invented a barrier technique for this. The new breakthrough is in the light field display system. The uniqueness of the new technology is that dimensions such as weight and size can be experienced without wearing glasses or a headset. Unlike what has been done by devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens, Starline may be able to experience someone else’s presence. The new system uses a 3D image of the user. It compresses live and broadcasts with a 3D display. This allows the person on the other side to feel closer.

Existing smartphone and laptop screens do not have such 3D effects. It is clear from the signal given by Pichai that in order to succeed in the current situation, it requires special hardware. It is being told that Google has been working on this for five years. These 3D holographic video calls require advanced sensors and cameras. Google has not yet commented on how much it would cost to build such a system. However, experts are realizing that one of the technologies used in this is WebRTC. It is an open source infrastructure. This is what Google Meat does behind it. However, it is unclear how fast the Internet is needed to make holographic calls. However, it is believed that only high speed internet can make this possible.

Google says that it now only works in some of its offices. However, the company said that it had been running for thousands of hours for testing. The company also revealed that its employees in New York, Seattle and the Bay Area are using it. The company also said that it would hold a demo to show companies that want to do business with them. Google said that it is also telling the media about its performance. Demos are held with feedback on prospects. The company also said that it plans to launch Project Starline later this year for businesses it collaborates with.

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