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From time to time we hear stories of the iPhone and Apple Watch. However, the incident that saved a person’s life in a car accident is now circulating on social media. The star of the news is the Google Pixel 4XL. According to Reddit user Chuck Walker (u / postnospam), the phone was able to reach the vehicle quickly in the event of an accident without anyone’s help. In a nutshell, Walker was not involved in a car accident. Instead, his Bobcat Loader (JCB) fell into the ravine.

Nobody heard the sound of the accident. Because the incident happened on his private land. There was no one around. Seven ribs broke in the accident. Later investigations revealed that there was a spinal problem in the chest. All of this ended the impact of his movement. The phone went missing in the accident. However, was able to locate the car accident over the phone. The phone described itself as 911. Walker says he lay unconscious for eight minutes.

But when he woke up, the voice of the team that needed help in an emergency reached earbuds who never missed an ear. He says that he had previously spoken to his wife. Walker says he would have been helpless for a while if he had not been able to locate the car accident.

He says that only after searching for some time the firefighters who followed the location were able to locate the exact location. He stated that he was ejected from under the vehicle without much pain.

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Dave Burke, vice president of engineering at Google Android, retweeted this news. The tweet also described how he had trained the Pixel phone to behave in such situations. He explained why Pixel phones are better able to respond in the event of an accident. The photo they shared showed a dummy driver and a 20 pixel handset in different directions around them. He says that pixel handsets that use machine learning are trained.

How to enable car accident detection on pixel phone?

This feature was introduced with the Pixel 4 model. Later it was also given to the Pixel 3 model. This is possible by enabling car accident detection in the pixel phone’s security settings. When enabling this, you must provide access to the microphone and location. You can then enable the emergency contact numbers you need. Each country will receive an emergency helpline, as well as a call for already listed contacts.

What does Google offer with the ability to detect car crashes for its Pixel phones? It mainly uses motion sensors and ambient audio. After realizing that the accident has occurred, the phone sounds the maximum amount of alarm and then asks if the owner of the phone needs help. If the owner does not respond, it quickly calls the emergency number. Police or emergency services will be on hand. Contacts provided by users will also be notified. They can also talk.

He says the emergency team arrived at the drive for about eleven minutes. A Google official responded to a tweet and said he wanted to know how it worked. He thanked the rescuers, the medical team and his family. “After three months, I’m 100 percent healthy,” Walker said.

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English summary: how Google Pixel phone saved a man’s life


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