Play Solace for Free: Chip Easter Nest 2022

Play Solace for Free: Chip Easter Nest 2022

The Steam campaign at Chip’s Easter Nest has become a tradition. Like every year, 5,000 keys to the games were sold in a very short time. So that you do not end up completely without a game, we have organized for you another title that you can definitely download.

consolation prize is called dead : a ray of hope And should be able to run with almost any computer – even without a high quality graphics card. The chicly designed title is less about exuberant optics and more about gripping gameplay and a beautiful story.

Fearless – A ray of hope for free today only

This exciting adventure game is guaranteed to run on any PC.

Image: Chip

This atmospheric game takes you into a dark world where you have to find the only bright spot – the only way you can find the best friend you lost. There are some secrets to discover and tricky puzzles to solve in this journey. So the mind is also necessary.

However, there’s also a bit of action on board, as you have to prove yourself over and over again in boss fights. Here you symbolically compete against the seven deadly sins.

In terms of gameplay, Soulless is a classic 2D-style platformer. The levels are completely hand drawn. The original soundtrack of the game is also magical and adds to the fun of playing this gripping title.

Due to the low performance requirements of the title, you can play the game on a regular laptop as well. Here are the minimum requirements:

  • CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Graphics Memory 256 MB
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