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A major controversy has erupted after the Prime Minister’s visit to Punjab was canceled due to the siege of his vehicle. Here we look at the SPG, Blue Book and State Police, who play a vital role in the security of the Prime Minister…

All the travel plans of the Prime Minister are as per the ‘Blue Book’ of the Special Protection Force (SPG). The complete itinerary of the Prime Minister, temporary routes, safe shelters and all the persons who meet him are clearly planned by the committee of SPG, IP and State Police.


What is Special Protection Force (SPG)?

The prime minister’s stronghold is the Special Protection Force (SPG). SPG commandos provide complete security to the Prime Minister. After the prime minister plans to visit a state, special security forces work with state officials to create a blue book and plan the entire trip accordingly.

As per the Blue Book rules, the route and residence of the Prime Minister will be checked, supervised, rehearsed and each visit of the Prime Minister will be done after various inspections with the State Police. The SPG will also plan emergency options. The SPG is solely responsible for the personal security of the Prime Minister in case of emergency.


What is Blue Book?

Officers from the Special Security Forces overseeing the security of the Prime Minister, along with State Government officials, will visit the respective places and hold meetings a week before the Prime Minister’s visit. State police, intelligence and federal officials will participate in the consultation.

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Following these consultation meetings, the Prime Minister’s itinerary will be detailed, as well as alternative plans for emergencies and options in case the main route program is disrupted during this consultation. All this together will make a booklet of at least 200 pages. Wherever the Prime Minister goes, his every move will be based on this Blue Book.


What is the responsibility of the State Police?

The Prime Minister’s agenda will be planned after the preparation of the Blue Book by the SPG and state police officials. In whichever state the Prime Minister visits, it is the responsibility of the State Police to fix the roadblocks and problems in that state. It is also the responsibility of the state police to maintain law and order as prime minister.

While many are critical of the state government’s handling of the now-controversial prime minister’s visit to Punjab, it is entirely under the control of the central government. Special Protection Force (SPG) questioning about, It is the joint responsibility of the central and state governments. Some security experts, avoiding politics, have called for a formal investigation into security breaches during the country’s prime ministership.


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