Raj Kundra changed phone after pornography racket surfaced; Revealed – Marathi News | Mumbai Crime Branch to convert mobile phone into custody in Raj Kundra Shilpa Shetty husband pornography case

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HighlightRaj Kundra changed the phone in February. According to the police, Raj Kundra did not cooperate in the investigation.

actress in pornography case shilpa shettycha husband and entrepreneur Raj Kundra Various revelations are being made regarding this. This matter was gradually coming to the fore from February 2021. During this, Raj Kundrachan First the name came up. Now another big revelation has come to light in this matter. According to the police, Raj Kundra had changed his mobile phone after the pornography racket was busted in February.

Mumbai Crime branch officials are probing the matter. The Ninth Revelation is seen through them. Raj Kundra changed his phone when the pornography racket surfaced in February. After the arrest, now the police has disclosed this matter. For Raj Kundra and Ryan Thorpe of Mumbai He has been arrested by the property cell of Crime Branch.

got new bank account
Mumbai Police Crime Branch Shilpa Shetty And the joint account of Raj Kundra has been found. A joint account of Shilpa and Raj Kundra has been found in Punjab National Bank (PNB). It has been learned that all the illegal earnings of Raj Kundra are being deposited in this account. Also, till now transactions worth crores of rupees have been done in this account. According to the Crime Branch investigation, the proceeds from Hot Shots and Bollyfem app were being deposited in the same account.

It is alleged that money was being deposited in the disputed PNB bank account through various accounts without any direct transaction. Apart from this, it has come to the fore that Raj Kundra also has the same account in the same bank. But no transaction has been done in this account since 2016. So much so that even the amount required to maintain the account is not credited to this account. The Crime Branch has appointed a four-member team to search the bank accounts of Raj Kundra.

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web title: Mumbai Crime Branch to convert mobile phone into custody in Raj Kundra Shilpa Shetty husband pornography case

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