Reset android phone on factory settings

Reset android phone on factory settings

Anyone who disconnects from their Android smartphone or struggles with technical issues should reset their device to factory settings. All data will be deleted in the process. We explain how to do this.

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Who are you? Android– If you want to reset the device and delete all settings and data in the process, you can reset the device to factory settings. We explain how to do this in just a few steps. However, it is important to know that all data will be lost. If you want to keep photos or other data, you should save them on another device or with a cloud service beforehand.

If you only reset the settings on your device, but on the data Convenient Want to keep, choose another option in the text instead.

Also, you should do your work before resetting GoogleIf you do not want to log in again later, log in to the account from the device. You can find out how to do this below. We also explain how you can do a so-called hard reset – that is, reset the device, even if the Android interface no longer starts properly.

1. Open the “Settings” app

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First open the Settings app. It is usually represented by a gear symbol.

2. Open “System” or “General Administration”

    (Source: Jan Molken) (Source: Jan Molken)

On Android smartphones, this is resolved entirely in a very inconsistent way, depending on the manufacturer and Android version, where options for resetting the device are placed. In the current Android version from Google you can find the sub-item reset under “System”. On Samsung-Devices, however, looks different:

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    (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online) (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online)

Instead, choose the item “General Administration” under Settings.

3. “Options and Resets”

    (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online) (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online)

In Unofficial Android 11, users now have to tap “Advanced” to expand the missing menu item. Finally, here you will find the “Reset option”. With Samsung devices, the point is called a “reset” Huawei Like this.

4. Factory Settings – All data will be deleted

    (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online) (Source: Jan Molken / T-Online)

To reset the device to its initial state and delete all data, select “Delete All Data” here. With Samsung, the menu item is called “reset to factory settings”. Huawei calls only one function “TELEPHONE Reset “. Of course, this is important here: after the move, everyone is on it smart Fone Saved data is lost. Therefore, whatever you want to keep, it should be saved beforehand.

Important: If you want to reset your device without losing data, you can choose one of the other options instead. They are called differently by individual manufacturers – but they retain user data on the device.

Is also important: If you want to sell or leave the device after resetting it, you must first delete the connection to your own Google account – otherwise the new owner will not be able to log into the device. You can learn how to do this in the following paragraphs.

Sign out your Google Account from the device

To be able to log other users into the smartphone after the reset, it is required that you have previously logged in to the device with your Google account, this is done as follows:

  • Open up AdjustmentApp on smartphone
  • Tap now material. Can also do menu items Accounts and backups (Samsung) or Users and accounts (Huawei) says.
  • With the user interface of pure Android or Huawei, the Google account can now be selected and then deleted. On Samsung devices, you’ll sometimes have to go through menu items beforehand Manage accounts Typed up
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Hard reset when device switch off

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the smartphone without going through the Android interface. It works with a hard reset. To do this, when the device turns off, press the power button and the volume down button at the same time and hold them down until a menu appears on the display. Here you can select “factory reset”.

On some devices, the power button and the volume up button must be pressed and held at the same time.


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