ROM 2.0 updates, new challenges, add fun, push the echo corridor.

ROM 2.0 updates, new challenges, add fun, push the echo corridor.

Following Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, a new version has been overhauled. A new server is ready to open. Improve the game to be more attractive to play and attract new players more so that the old players start playing again and the new players join the adventure in this mythical fantasy world, and this See the past on 24 March. A new mode to challenge players, known as the Echoing Corridor, has been updated to three dungeons. Also a chance to get rare items from this mission

The Echoing Corridor is a dungeon where players have to form a team of 3 to enter 60 floors. Each floor has 9 rooms where players have to choose a path to pass through them. Finding 3 keys to move to the next floor brings exciting challenges with the key finding condition as players will have to go through many forms of boss monsters.

Interesting thing about this amendment

1. Room to enter a new “Tarot Room”: If the player enters this room the Tarot Card will be found randomly to show us 3 cards then switch to select the first free round for us! But if you do not want to choose randomly again, you will have to pay 200 coins for each card. For fun, friends have to go to the dungeon and try to win by themselves.

2. We will not get trap room anymore. Because the trap room has been replaced by the tarot room and there is a chance that the opening of the card will make us easier to play, or harder than ever, depending on the fate of each player. But the exact place for each floor will answer right from the beginning which room has the exit? No danger of dying now

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3. The constraints of the boss’s room have been removed! Easy to play, much more comfortable. This is a case that gives the players a little more peace of mind. Because there are many obstacles before that update! Prohibition skills, ban until bombing.

To push the Ecoding Corridor, some other items would have to be replaced. But this update is not just an adjustment to push but also a new system that can exchange series (Lightning chain) from the original EXP x 2, drop x 2 change into a big Meteoric Chain EXP x 4 Also, Drop x 4 can also be stored as a total. So that the secondary can also be used

This is only one part. There are still many new stories in this update. If anyone wants to get more information, you can read more about it here.

Download the game here.
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