Samsung launches a new generation of smart monitors for work, science and leisure

Samsung launches a new generation of smart monitors for work, science and leisure

Recently, with our office, classroom, auditorium, and even a place of entertainment in a living room or other home room for entertainment, people’s expectations for home electronics have increased dramatically. Once they become a major connection to the world, they can no longer be used only for work or rest and must equally meet the diverse needs of consumers during and after work hours. This is the philosophy behind the new Samsung Smart Monitor M5 and Smart Monitor M7, offering a unique set of work, study and entertainment features for this type of device.

The main difference between a smart monitor and a regular monitor is that it is not just a screen to transmit the image of a personal computer, it is a stand-alone smart device. It is compatible not only with PCs, but also with smartphones or tablets, it integrates office application support and is similar to the Smart Hub Entertainment Content Center found on Smart TVs.

The new monitors provide a variety of ways for the user to connect to a computer and to a smart device. The tap view functionality of the Galaxy family of devices allows you to connect them simply by fitting them into the monitor frame – the image from your phone or tablet will instantly appear on the big screen. DeX technology support provides even more convenient video sharing and control. At the same time, Cast and AirPlay 2 technologies provide this functionality for other Android and Apple devices, respectively.

For those studying or working remotely, the new monitors will be able to run the Microsoft Office 365 Office suite without a computer. By connecting the monitor to a Wi-Fi network, documents can be created, edited, and stored directly in the cloud cache on the monitor. The devices also have a built-in remote access feature that allows you to remotely view and view files on your personal or laptop computer, even if it is in another room. An additional way to view content on other devices or media is provided by several USB connectors, one of which is USB-C type and also allows you to charge your phone or tablet with a high power of 65 W. The latter option helps reduce the amount of wires and chargers and maintain order and aesthetic appearance in the workplace.

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When you’re done, the smart hub can turn the monitor into a home entertainment center. An app store tailored to these models allows you to install Netflix, HBO, YouTube, and other visual content apps that can run both when a computer or smart device is connected to a monitor or completely independently. For convenient video viewing control, a bundled remote control package with hotkeys for video streaming services is included in the package. The monitor can also be controlled by voice, thanks to the Bixby Virtual Assistant. All this and integrated two-channel speakers will allow you to enjoy a workday or basketball match, no less on modern TV after the workday.

Because people spend so much time on screen during quarantine, viewing comfort has become a top priority. The monitor takes care of this with the Adaptive Image feature, which increases the color temperature and brightness of the displayed image for room lighting and other conditions. This ensures that even after a long session of use, the user does not feel tired of the eyes, and the special eye saver mode helps prevent insomnia from occurring by reducing the amount of harmful blue light and Preserves vision.

The Samsung Smart Monitor series includes two models – the M7 Ultra HD resolution and the M5 with Full HD resolution. The Smart Monitor M7 has a 32-inch screen, and the M5 is available in both 27-inch and 32-inch diagonal configurations. From 1 April. These monitors will be available from Samsung and other physical and online stores of electronics distributors.

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