Seeing this they are so weak that they can’t use them!

Seeing this they are so weak that they can't use them!

Sisters (now brothers too) who don’t like seeing young men’s muscular abs and durians at the gym. But in reality there are always rumors on the internet about people who think they look like…too weak.

Recently, a girl by profession (fitness coach) revealed a fact about muscular boys on a dating program, this sharing has set the whole internet back. Of course, this may just be a personal opinion, but netizens also consider it to be a very reliable reference.

Clip: Girl exposes youth’s weakness in gym, netizens stunned

A girl named Bao Ha, nicknamed Ha Jim (34 years old), is currently working as a fitness coach and teaching gym. This girl has a weakness for not knowing how to cook because she has been working since a very young age, moreover, even though she is a “weight girl”, Bao Ha is quite weak. At the event, the girl stunned both MC Quan Linh and Hong Wan by “unwrapping” the youths at the gym. In particular, he had a stormy sharing:

Many people ask why you don’t know a 6-pack. Actually, I have experienced it myself in times of tough competition, in fact… they are very weak. They are so weak they can’t even hold a 10 liter bottle, can’t even hold a dog, they can’t even use it.

Bao Ha has a strong personality

She is said to be smarter than her boyfriend

then he pointed to the boy Minh Tam (36 years old) – The male lead also went to the program to find a girlfriend and is currently working as a technician in a garment factory. She has the opposite comment, although she doesn’t have 6-pack muscles, is a bit fat, but still fascinates Bao Ha. He said: Now, when I see her wearing a pink shirt, I love, how lovely pink is, so brown skin looks longer and accustomed.

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tall looking brown-skinned boy portrait of Bao Ha

The end of this cute exchange is that the two agree to date each other.

Girl On TV Told The Truth About 6 Pack Boys: They Look So Flawed, They Can't Use It!  - photo 5.

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