Siemens Ragdcom: attackers may join KRITIS

Siemens Ragdcom: attackers may join KRITIS

The Ruggedcom series of switches from Siemens can be used in infrastructure critical to gas, oil, power supply and traffic, among others. Such network equipment is designed for use in harsh environments such as oil spills. In the current version of the operating system, developers have now closed several security gaps.

According to a publication by SiemensThe overall security risk is as follows”High“. All vulnerabilities affect third-party components. If attackers successfully target the vulnerabilities, services can crash through a DoS attack or unauthorized persons can eavesdrop on the connection as an individual.

Developers State Ragdcom ROS v5.6.0 In addition to installing secure firmware designed against such attacks, operators of such network equipment should Manufacturer’s submission for effective protection to study. Among other things, this means that only authorized persons can use certain devices and the network must be divided into several segments (production, office, etc.).


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