SIM swapping chip phone scam – National

SIM swapping chip phone scam - National Tawan


A new type of scam worries telecom companies Criminals have succeeded in copying users’ SIM cardsCecilia grew up as Guerra, gaining access to their bank accounts and business houses.

From one moment to another, Cecilia’s cell phone was without telephone network or access to the Internet. This was the first sign that something was wrong. Because of this, He asked one of his friends to share the Internet with him, at which point information started coming in from his banks, and said that he had logged in from another device.

Cecilia immediately contacted her mobile phone company to block the SIM card. still This was the first blockage.

“I ask Antel to please block this chip as they have made me this case which appears that they have changed the chip and everything. No one can tell me that they can give it to anyone. How do others deliver the person and they are not going to do so. When you have an answer people reply to you “, The victim insisted “They gave these people about five hours to do whatever they did with my phone.”

Sim swapping

According to experts, Cecilia was the victim of a crime called Sim swapping, And those that impersonate a mobile phone card or chip

As explained by Commissioner Danic Maldonado, PDI Cybercrime Brigade, “This crime is basically related to deception, where An unknown third person impersonated me using a type of name experiment, requesting a chip change to arrange to get a record in front of a chip company ”.

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In this sense, Nicholas Silva, Technology Director of Asimov Consultants stated that “The SIM card of a cell phone is one that allows calls to your number, SMS messages, etc., so, then, Through this system, they are able to authenticate in various systems.

In Cecilia’s case, a criminal obtained a fraudulent copy of her SIM card and Install it on the phone Different, for later Download and activate applications from banks and retail companies.


“You tell me you made two cash advances of five million pesos each and they were disbursed by cash in an effective way, in addition to purchases in high-end phone technology. They bought dollars, I already own 20 million Am in more. Peso. There was more than one person with my identity, one in Paris, Cecilia, the other in Replays and the other in Falabella, in Apex.“The victim said

Chip lock and antel response

In the end, Cecilia had to personally blockade at the Antel branch, where she said she was asked for “a fingerprint, a driving license, an identification card”. Too many things to be able to block the chip of the person who was abusing it. Instead they gave him any chip ”.

Through a statement Antel said it “All ancestors are internally investigated for this specific case.“And added that it is continuously implementing reforms to strengthen the existing security protocols and to combat the crimes encountered.”

According to Atelmo’s executive chairman, Alfie Ullo, “Telecom companies have different mechanisms to prove the identity of their users and also have protocols for changing cards. However, cell phones were only used as an authentication method. should go. Companies that understand the risks to themselves and their customers. “

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In this sense, the undersecretary of telecommunications developed a protocol to increase security in the distribution of SIM cards, and thus protect user information.

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