So the motochorros shot a city policeman for stealing his motorcycle. chronicle

  So the motochorros shot a city policeman for stealing his motorcycle.  chronicle

Two security cameras located in Bolivia at 3000, approximately at the corner of Bartolomete Mater, in the neighborhood Villa Pinralhandjob captured the moment two armed robbers Honda arrived on a motorcycle with the intention of taking the Tornado, which the Deputy Commissioner city ​​police Rodrigo Guillermo Baker (41) was left on the sidewalk After removing it from your garage.

Shocking pictures show how the thieves left their car on the road to confront the police, which was followed by a brief shootout, which ended when The Deputy Commissioner received two bullets in the chest and was seriously injured..

Thus, Motorcycle Jet stole his motorcycle and fled, leaving behind the other Honda CB 190 in which he had come. I had a kidnapping request for robbery Under the jurisdiction of Moron’s 5th police station, police sources said.

Everything happened on Tuesday night at around 9:30 in that neighborhood of Buenos Aires city home make, in the Tres de Fabrero district, in the western suburbs. After the shooting, Baker was transferred to the Ramon Carrillo Hospital in Ciudadella, where he died minutes after being admitted because of the severity of the gunshot wound.


Prosecutor intervenes in the case Ignacio Correa, Functional Unit of Instruction No. 5 of the San Martín Judicial Department.

that’s how they shot city ​​police stealing his motorcycle


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