SpaceX Space Force – GPS for TechCrunch III space vehicle successfully launched

 SpaceX  Space Force - GPS for TechCrunch  III space vehicle successfully launched

Tesla has launched the GPS III satellite on behalf of the customer, the US Space Force, the second GPS III pay generation satellite to be launched for the US military this year. The first took off in June, and the third was put into orbit by GPS III overall. SpaceX . This is the fourth, and U.S., including improved jamming technology to protect against interference. Will provide improved GPS navigation capabilities in.

SpaceX used the new Falcon 9 first-stage on this launch and successfully recovered that rocket booster using a controlled landing on its drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. The company also confirmed that its payload has achieved good orbit, and is now preparing to depart for a deployment point where it can free up GPS spacecraft for its final orbital insertion.

The mission flew from Cape Canaveral to Florida, and was the second attempt to deliver this payload, scrubbed after two engines started after an attempt in early September, causing an automatic shutdown of the launch order two seconds earlier. Liftoff. SpaceX investigated the issue and found that it was due to some trace amount of masking material used to protect engine components from entering the fuel line. Which changed its engine manufacturing and inspection process.

SpaceX also delayed its next Crew-1 launch for NASA to address the issue, so today’s launch should reassure that it will proceed as planned, making history of the operational ISS crew made up of three, NASA and one JXA astronaut. On November 14, excluding any other delays.

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