Steam’s tremendous admiration is tired of fighting and killing “A Short Hike”, come for a little hiking in the woods in Healing.

Steam's tremendous admiration is tired of fighting and killing

2021-02-15 16:02Sports corner post

“A short hike” is tired of fighting and killing, let’s get a little medical boost

“A Short Hike” is a relaxing and healing pixel adventure game. Usually I always play a fight and kill game, or a dazzling 3A masterpiece. I took advantage of the previous sale. This trailer looks like a very casual game. However, overall the play time is not long, the simple mechanics, the squeezing music, the rich landform and the beautiful visuals and the funny and silly dialogue of the NPCs completely cleansed my mind.

The protagonist looks like a penguin and a swallow.

The player plays a human bird named Claire, who comes to the National Park, Hawk Peak Provincial Park for a short vacation, and spends with her aunt. But Claire was eagerly awaiting an important message at first, but she could not receive the signal. After asking her aunt, she realized that she had to climb the highest peak of the park to get it. The story line started. But everyone knows that this is not an adventure game if you don’t make a long way. Of course, this is not a dragonborn reincarnation to save the world. You can explore this beautiful natural park. Meeting people will make the main line more. Emotional.

Although it is a lighthearted sketch, it still has a certain degree of gameplay. To climb to the top, you need to get a certain amount of gold wings to improve climbing and flight. Just think of playing “Super Mario Odyssey”. . The flight experience is very comfortable, but I personally recommend that you handle for a better experience.

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Appreciating the beautiful scenery is also one of the joys of this game.
Appreciating the beautiful scenery is also one of the joys of this game.

The greatest joy of this game is to interact with all kinds of people (animals?). You can solve events for people like the sea lion that teaches you how to fish, the eagle that is practicing running, the goat that needs help finding a watch, raccoons coming to the cemetery, etc. Can take and learn new. Things. (Each character is good for making another farm simulation game, like Wrench Story!).

Uncle Phishing speaks slowly, but he is very good.
Uncle Phishing speaks slowly, but he is very good.

There are almost no bad people in this story. Of course, some people are very upset at first, but as the plot develops that you will somehow forgive them, maybe they just face the bad days. Although it is a pity that he does not have Chinese, his English is quite simple, with the feeling of a children’s picture book, and sometimes he will teach you some great knowledge (or cool jokes).

My personal favorite activity is,
My personal favorite activity is, “Stick Volleyball”, a losing sport with no losers. Both these siblings are also very interesting.

What happens when you climb to the top peak, the thunder will stop. Anyway, the composite material is not long. I just saw someone saying that it would break the station in half an hour, unless you are a speed pass player, otherwise you don’t have to hurry like that … I kept moving around, playing for 3 hours And still more thought, music, atmosphere is very relaxing and healing. Simple little games can play you for a while. Whether you’re busy with modern life, can’t take the time to play Masterpiece, or players who are tired of fighting and hitting, you can try it out and change your mood.

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Are you happy?  I am very happy
Are you happy? I am very happy


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