Suez Canal Ship Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Suez Canal Ship Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Suez Canal Mod

Once again, the community Microsoft flight simulator Surprise us again with an amazingly incredible modernity. And it is that someone has decided to repeat the devastating situation these days in the Suez Canal, where one of the world’s largest mercenaries is besieged, completely halting the maritime traffic of the channel connecting the Mediterranean Sea Have given. With the Red Sea.

You can see the result in the following video, where you can see how a large ship blocks the channel in the same way that it actually does. This digital entertainment is not Microsoft’s job, but some users in the community have decided to create a patch that you can install and encourage yourself to fly into the area to see what’s happening for the first time.

Download ever give mod

Microsoft flight simulator mod ever given

Several mods are appearing in the final hours that allow the famous ship to be placed in the Microsoft Flight Simulator mapping. There are currently several to download, although some are more complete than others, such as user creation. Flyboys 1, Which has decided, in addition to the addition of the famous ship, the famous excavation which can be seen in more than a shared meme.

The mod includes several tugs surrounding the ship, and steady traffic to the north and south of the canal, as well as accumulated traffic in the Gulf of Suez.

Magic of homemade creations

PS5 Flight Simulator

This is not the first time that we have hallucinations with it Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Previously we’ve seen some creations such as interstellar ships inspired by the Star Wars universe, not to mention the recreation of new next-generation consoles in the form of skyscrapers, where we can see the PS5 game structure in a beautiful skille. And there is also official news, as Microsoft itself launches graphic updates to represent monuments and buildings around the world with greater fidelity.

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To date, the game from Asobo Studios (the studio behind the game’s development), has released three major updates related to world representation, with each update covering the following locations: Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. The result, as you can see below, can overcome hiccups. Surely more than one would have to sacrifice to see these incredible ideas out of fear of heights.


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