Technical gifts for children: robots, tablets, smartwatches

Technical gifts for children: robots, tablets, smartwatches

While there are areas of our society that try to demonstrate technology for children, the truth is that everything is beneficial if parents have common sense and buy products that suit our children’s age Can.

that common sense It should be a complement to what we should have when children use technology, because we should be the ones who control and choose what suits them.

When we buy technology from a child who is not a tech toy, we should Mark some rules So that access for minors is possible. But this should also be accompanied by an example from our side, namely, that we cannot ask the child to stop using his tablet while we continue with us.

There is something that will make the child appreciate that we interact with him, because many of these gifts allow us to participate.

And above all, let us be clear about what we are buying from her and how old she is, because it makes no sense to buy technology for younger children than for older children, like we are for a 5 year old boy of 12 years Will not buy jacket.

The pills

It is one of the star gifts of all years, because it allows the child Great fun and learning possibilities. When we go to buy a tablet for a child, we need to be very clear about its age, because, if it is not too old, there are some tablets that are better adapted for younger ages.

There are pills that are highly protected, Because when they are small children, there is a risk of them falling or sliding when they are older.

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We have pills Adapted for younger age With a very childlike design, they come with external protection, internally they are compatible with them and have high durability.

When children grow up they can Consider more stable and less childish options., So that they can further develop their passion and use of new technologies. As is usual, parental supervision will be necessary.

Smart watches

This type of product is something that children always want, especially if they see their parents with one of them.

Both are models adapted to the smallest since Design (child) As manufacturing therefore represents. are doing Quite resistant watches, Because they have to deal with the little care that young children usually put into everything around them.

Many of them allow you to put one Sim card and gps The minor is located at all times.

Tech toys

Another option we can handle is to buy a technical toy. These types of toys have similar functions to other types Educational toys, But it uses technology or technical concepts to achieve this.

With these toys are you Teaching the child, But within the technology world, is a fundamental part of our children’s future.

A good proof of this is the caterpillar Codi, A technology toy unveiled at CES 2016, that allows 2-6-year-olds to learn the very basic concepts of programming how programming works and what comes from it. To discover how the caterpillar moves, they only have to add and remove blocks.

We can also keep in mind Rat code and go Which is for children over seven years of age. This mouse works with action cards that will mark different circuits, creating mazes that the mouse has to thank for coding cards.

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Super doctor This is a nice doll that runs through game cards. Thanks to you, the child will be able to program where the doctor is going. With this toy, children are introduced to the basics of coding in a fun and enjoyable way.

The robots

of World Robots can also be a technical gift To help them in their development as they are adapted to serve the younger as a companion for adventure, while teaching them important values.

TekstaFor example, it is a robotic dog, which is capable of recognizing, understanding and executing sounds. In addition, it is sensitive to touch and can recognize certain gestures. Thanks to this robot, the child will be able to get acquainted with some important concepts for its development.

Together Mind Galileo Science We will enable the child to understand many basic concepts of drawing, arithmetic and geometry. Voice recognition helps a lot in this task, due to which it is able to take little interest in design issues. This is a very interesting toy.

We should also mention Sphero R001ROW, The circular drone seen in the Star Wars films. In this case we have a robot that moves a camera and is controlled by a mobile or tablet, allowing the child to handle it at will. It is like remote control cars, but more modern.

Was one of the first robots to appear for children The signal. This robot moves (rotates in addition to moving) and emits sounds, as the child handles it on his tablet or smartphone, commands it. In this way the child will learn to move forward with responsibility to his friend so that he does not hurt himself or kill any part of the house, promoting sympathy in the younger. It is compatible with Android, iOS or Kindle operating systems.

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As you have seen, technology is not with education, so we should not separate it from children, we just need to know what the needs of each age are.


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