Ten years for Chrome OS ..: These are new features

Ten years for Chrome OS ..: These are new features

Like Windows, Linux and Mac OS, Google has also been introducing Chromebook with Chrome OS since time immemorial. It has been ten years since Chrome OS was designed to be secure on the net with an easy interface. Google is introducing the latest features in this context .. Let’s learn about some of them.

Connection to phone.

If you are using an Android phone, you can connect to a Chromebook and bring a ‘phone hub’ to use. With this, you can easily control the phone from the book. A phone icon will appear next to the status notification bar. If you click on it .. then there will be more options like phone network signal, battery level .. The hotspot on the phone can be enabled from the Chromebook itself. Ring mode can be changed. Not only that .. If you lose your phone anywhere, you can see where it is with the ‘locket phone’ option. The book will respond to incoming messages over the phone. You can see the Chrome tab opened on the phone directly from the book.

Iti screen recording was done

If you need to make a tutorial in the book. Provides ‘screen capture’ feature without working with any screen recording tool. This allows you to take screenshots as well as screen recordings. You can get this option from the ‘Twick Settings’ menu. These recordings can be found on the ‘Chrome OS Shelf’.

Network sync.

We use the same Google account on almost all devices. However, if you need to connect to a Wi-Fi network .. all passwords must be entered manually. But, I no longer want to be in a Chromebook. If the Android phone you are using is connected to a Wi-Fi network .. So the Chromebook will automatically connect to the network as soon as it comes into the network. It was introduced as a ‘Wi-Fi sync’ option. You can enable the option by going to ‘Connected devices’ in the settings.

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‘Quick reply’ with right click

Looking for something on the net .. Want to know the meaning of the word? First select then .. then copy and search will not get results. But, Chrome OS is not as tough. Simple .. If you want to search for any topic .. All you have to do is select the word or phrase and right click on it. This is why they make sense, other information comes from.

Also ‘pass share’

Introduced on Android devices, this feature can now be used on Chromebooks as well. This allows you to easily share apps, photos, links, and other data files between your phone or Chromebook.

anything else ..

New look for the icon: Improving Graphic Interface in OS .. All icons have been redesigned. Everything looks new on the shelf in the App Launcher. Many types of apps have also been given a new look.

Media Control.: Media controls can be accessed from the ‘Quick Settings’ menu to play and view audio tracks and other media files.

More on ‘Clipboard’ ..: Chrome OS is made more accessible on the keyboard. Copied, downloaded files, screenshots, pinned files, etc. all appear on the clipboard. That is, they can easily reach already copied people.


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