Tesla boss is coming: Elon Musk shows his family to Berlin. regional

  Tesla boss is coming: Elon Musk shows his family to Berlin.  regional

Berlin/Grunheide – Tesla boss Elon Musk (50) on a trip to Berlin! With girlfriend Grimes (33) and their five children, the world’s second richest man embarks on his summer tour of Europe. A strange show…

It looked like escaping a bank robbery: in all black with a patterned bandit scarf over his face, the multi-billionaire left the classy “Hotel de Rome” on Babelplatz on a Thursday afternoon.

His girlfriend, Canadian singer Grimes (33), followed him in a white (fake) sheepskin and purple trouser suit. With a huge turquoise bow in her pink hair…

A bodyguard carries Son X AE A-12, singer Grimes follows them.

Photo: Michael Korner

A bodyguard (among many) gave birth to her son with the undisclosed name of “X AE A-12” (1). Five young children from four divorced marriages automatically went into three waiting Tesla “Model 3s”.

Target of the Billionaire Column: Musk’s factory construction site in Grunheide at the gates of Berlin.

At 4:32 p.m., cars enter the factory premises, with the boss in the passenger seat. Without stopping, much to the dismay of the waiting fans. By evening Elon took his oysters through the vast halls—which are still awaiting an operating permit.

Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Vodke (59, SPD), whom the Tesla boss met soon after landing at BER on Wednesday evening, should be sure. “Elon introduced us to his whole family,” said Jörg Steinbach (64, SPD), a delighted Potsdam minister for economic affairs. But then Musk vented his anger with German building laws.

teaser picture

The construction site of the Tesla car factory near Grunheide, east of Berlin, on a drone image in early July

Photo: Patrick Plull / dpa

On Friday morning, Tesla boss CDU boss Armin Laszt (60) showed off his sprawling construction site. Chancellor Candidate: “I’m glad Elon Musk just texted me and we agreed to see each other tomorrow.”

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