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At its Gigafactory in Texas, Tesla’s vision of using the roof as a photovoltaic field takes less time than all others. While solar modules for the new factory in Grunheide near Berlin are planned according to application but are not yet visible, occupancy in Texas began in mid-January. To For “Cyber ​​Rodeo” Opening Ceremony on April 7th At least one giant TESLA Gigafactory made of photovoltaic modules must be ready on its roof. And soon after that, a much larger battery plant can be added.

Photovoltaic on the roof, megapack next to it

Progress on the roof of the Texas factory, like the rest of the work, is being watched by local drone filmmakers. mid january He discovered the first solar module on the tall Tesla building, The roof was not completely filled till the middle of this week. But increasingly you can see that Tesla’s own name was written on the light field with gaps between massive black modules (see photo above).

If only five letters are omitted, the ceiling should be enough for several megawatts of photovoltaic power. According to a personal measurement, the main building, which is more than 1 kilometer tall, has an area of ​​about 40 hectares, which, in general, makes possible the same value in megawatts at maximum power. The Tesla factory in often sunny Texas may have one of the largest rooftop solar systems in the world.

Furthermore, Tesla has also explicitly recognized that solar power is not necessarily available at the desired time. The company confirmed this in January A battery park made of megapacks about 250 kilometers from the factory, but in the same condition. And now an application has been discovered, according to which a possibly very large storage facility is planned directly at the Gigafactory site.

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according to information city ​​government document is to be cultivated. The area is intended for a permanent substation and a “BESS”, i.e. a large battery storage system. Even if only part of it is covered with the system itself, it would also be enough for one gigawatt of storage: according to Tesla, its Megapack modules would require 1.2 hectares of space per 250 megawatts of output. Requires, that is, about 5 hectares for 1. gigawatt.

Tesla already has a Texas power license

Regardless of the final interpretation, Texas has the potential to serve both its factory and the general public of solar and storage readiness. Tesla had already given Megapack Park some distance away with 100 megawatts of power, explaining that it should, among other things, stabilize the power grid. According to reports, the company applied for a license as an electricity supplier with photovoltaic and battery systems in August 2021 and received it in November. At that time it was called memory of itself. Tesla is planning a smaller megapack installation and another with 250 megawatts,


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