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Tesla hasn’t spoiled its customers with new functions or extensions lately – the Autopilot system is making little progress in Europe and was recently banned again by regulation. But while the update it forced isn’t complete, another one has already begun in North America that’s going in a more positive direction: It includes three innovations that Tesla needs in some respects with its increasing camera intelligence. using it more intensively.

Street Data for Model S and Model X

Earlier this month, Tracker Services registered the installation of software version 2022.20 on the first Tesla electric cars in the US and Canada. After a few days there wasn’t much of it. The most active thing on Tuesday was the distribution of version 2022.16. Likely to downgrade a function in Autopilot Xtra EAP or FSD prevent. According to the software notes, when navigating under autopilot control in Europe, an initiation or confirmation is required from the person behind the wheel when changing motorways.

In this case, perhaps to the delight of owners with the paid EAP or FSD option, 2022.16.2 apparently only made the European Tesla different. For example, our own Model X with EAP is currently at 2022.12.3.16, which does not include autopilot clipping. So Tesla can remove version 16 from us. But in 2022.20 it will be a shame, as this software is designed to make driving safer and more comfortable.

In this case, it applies specifically to the Model S and Model X, since only The two big Teslas so far had adaptive air suspension, That’s how they responded with high status on bad roads before, but with new software they should be doing it consistently: 2022.20 downloads data about rough patches collected from other Tesla drivers who’ve passed them before. and adjust the suspension in good time. On this.

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Traffic light gongs and belt tightening for all Teslas

Two other new functions in the latest Tesla software are also intended for the Model 3 and Model Y. On the other hand, unlike the Model S and Model X, they are not based on the (potentially worse) experiences of the predecessors, but on their foresight with the help of built-in cameras and artificial intelligence. The first is called the “Green Light Light Chime” in English and involves sounding a chime when standing in front of a traffic light and it turns green. It’s a small detail, but it’s handy for those who want to view or browse the Tesla menu while they wait. It’s already available for EAP and FSD customers, with the 2022.20 update also coming with Green Gong native autopilot.

Lastly, the most obvious of all the new features is the security aspect. here is tesla According to the notes issued Has further improved crash safety with its electric cars: if the Autopilot system detects an imminent frontal collision, the seat belts are automatically tightened. According to Tesla, its own vision system helps, that is, evaluation of camera images with the help of artificially intelligent software, which, according to CEO Elon Musk, could be so good that radar can now be used more safely than humans. No need to drive. Extended pre-belt tightening has shown the best performance in frontal accidents, it said in the notes. So this update will definitely be very welcome in Europe again.


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