Tesla’s boss may become the first billionaire in history

Tesla's boss may become the first billionaire in history

Twelve zeros followed by one makes a trillion. Elon Musk may soon have that much money. This will make him the first person to break this property mark.

His Laughter Is Good: According To A Study, Tesla -Owner Elon Musk Become the first trillionaire in human history in two years.

Over the past six years, their wealth has grown by an average of 129 percent, according to a study published Friday by Approve.com, a division of software house Tipalti Approval. Musk’s current worth is $263 billion.

A trillion is a one followed by twelve zeros. It’s hard to imagine how much this really is. A comparison: this Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Germany in 2020 was $3.8 trillion.

It is the total value of all consumer goods and services produced or offered in a country within a year. Musk will soon account for a quarter of Germany’s annual GDP.

But he doesn’t have that much money in his account. He keeps most of his assets in shares of his Tesla car company. Musk also invests his money in cryptocurrencies.

These are the next potential billionaires

Thereafter, in 2025, Gautam Adani’s family may join the club of billionaires, it said. His wealth, currently $93 billion, has grown an average of 121 percent in recent years. Group Adani Group controls seven listed companies that operate airports, seaports and power plants or trade in oil and gas.

Approve.com said that TikTok’s parent company ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming is in third place. It is currently worth $59 billion and with a sustained annual growth rate of 123 percent, will break the $1 trillion sound barrier in 2026.

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probably as the first European Bernard ArnoldMajor shareholders of luxury goods maker LVMH will reach this point, but not until 2029. His current net worth of $186 billion has grown by an average of 27 percent in recent years.


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