The Atomic Power Plant Authority in Egypt sets timing for Al-Daba to operate at its full capacity


The head of the Atomic Power Plant Authority in Egypt, Amgad al-Wakeel, said the Duba nuclear plant would be operated in 2030 with a full capacity of 4,800 MW.

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Al-Wakil said in a “Youm7” statement that the first nuclear reactor with a capacity of 1,200 MW will be operated to generate electricity in 2020 according to the commercial project’s schedule, pointing out that the rest of the reactors will be operated sequentially. Will go To be operated at its full capacity in 2030.

The head of the Nuclear Power Plant Authority indicated that the Authority is committed to the timetable for the implementation of its nuclear program to generate electricity with a capacity of 4,800 MW at El-Daba in collaboration with the Russian company “Rosatom”. Construction of the plant, indicating that all project workers are in full swing to complete the plant on time.

He stressed that the 4 reactors at the El-Daba nuclear plant would be the type 3+ reactors of the “Weaver 1200” generation, equipped with the latest safety systems, explaining that additional safety standards have been added so that they have a Unprecedented ability to resist huge crashes, and can address collisions of aircraft weighing its own weight. 400 tons and a speed of 150 meters per second. Nuclear reactors of this type are also characterized by its safe operation, without any negative impact on the surrounding environment. These reactors also ensure that there is no leakage of radiation through the filters and multiple barriers and have a modern automatic control system.

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