The new nose will unlock the potential hidden in the car

The new nose will unlock the potential hidden in the car

The King King-themed outfit, currently third in the Constructors’ Championship, raced for its Mercedes-style nose at the Russian Grand Prix for the final highlights of Formula 1’s final homologation.

And while the nose itself doesn’t take any clear steps forward in motion alone, team principal Andreas Siddle thinks the new design will allow it to move forward in a variety of arrow directions to help free up more speed from its existing car.

“With the homologation date of the season, we clearly wanted to get experience with it as quickly as possible,” Siddle said when asked about the concept of a new nose by

“That’s why we decided to test some parts of this package as soon as it became available. So, the goal is clear: it’s the direction of development that we’ve seen in Windtunnel with this different knockbox concept. Is what we believe is the right direction to move forward for the future.

“It gives us more potential in terms of unlocking more potential from the car in terms of performance. And that’s the direction we’re heading.”

“So with the clear goal of unlocking more operations, there are now plans to gradually bring more parts of this package on track.”

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McLaren believes Racing Point currently has the third fastest car, while Renault has also made some progress since the Belgian Grand Prix.

The proximity of that midfield fight has left Saddle under any illusion that his upgrade push will need to be increased if McLaren does not lose in his fight for third place overall.

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“In terms of pure car potential, I think the racing point is similar to how Barcelona has been on average since the test, it’s clearly the fastest car in this war.”

“Renaulto is also clear that they took a good step forward after the spa. At the same time, we were always fighting against them in the race against them or in the qualifying session.

“We have acknowledged that they have taken a good step forward and now we are also making progress with our cars and we are assured of getting the next step in terms of speed if we want to keep this war alive.”

“It’s important to analyze what happened [in Russia]Also, do a detailed analysis of what the introduction of these new nose bucks did to Lando’s car. And then it’s important to draw the right conclusions and upgrades to keep this war alive. “

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