The new NVIIIIIB roadmap is leaked online online, the RTX 3080 shows 20 GB and the Jeffreys RTX 3060 is listed.

The new NVIIIIIB roadmap is leaked online online, the RTX 3080 shows 20 GB and the Jeffreys RTX 3060 is listed.

Galaxy has a bit of a weird situation on hand. Apparently, during the meeting, someone took a photo and posted it online in a Chinese forum. The problem for the Galaxy is that it shows and displays a guide that indicates the next lineup.

As you can see in the photo, the GeForce RTX3080 with 20GB is a real thing that is happening. Sitting below it refers to the PG142 SKU 0, which will be a 3070T or Super whose name will be revealed at a later stage. And all the way down you can see it listed, GeForce RTX 3060, which actually hangs in front of an RTX 2080 / Super. That would be exactly one big step in performance. Apparently it’s no longer a secret that these models will be in the pipeline in the coming months, but the photo doesn’t confirm them.

Source: Baidu By @ 9550 Pro And Videocards.

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