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It is reported that Apple’s drop tracker Airtag was attached to the car and was targeted by a car thief.

John Nelson, who lives in Michigan, USA, visited a local shopping center and spent about two hours there. And after going with his 2018 Dodge Charger, he said he had informed them that his iPhone was “tracked by an unknown airtag.”

iPhone provides an option to make AirTag sound when you tap on the notification.Security measures Apple devised to find suspicious Airtags near youIt is one of. Mr Nelson followed the sound and found the airtag under the drain cap in the trunk of the car. At this time the car thief took off the cap and put on the airtag.

Nelson also told local media that the car thief intended to “scrap the car and remove its parts”.

Michigan Automobile Theft Countermeasures Headquarters also commented that “such cases” are on the rise in the Detroit area. The trick is to first track the target car with AirTag and steal it at the ideal time. Also, it seems that Dodge cars like Mr. Nelson are often targeted.

Just the other day, local Canadian police say there are more and more cases of thieves targeting luxury cars abusing airtags.was reporting.. There is also an explanation of how to search for expensive cars in shopping malls and parking lots, prepare an airtag, and then track down to the victim’s home and steal it in an unobtrusive place.

Fortunately, in Mr. Nelson’s case, I had an iPhone (iOS 14.5 or later) that notified me of an unknown AirTag, so I hope I could have stopped it before it was stolen. , it is criticized that Android users, which are more popular than the iPhone in the United States, are defenseless, and in responseAndroid Detection App “Tracker Detect”Distribution has also started.

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However, while AirTag notifications are triggered automatically on iPhone, Tracker Detect for Android requires the user to launch the app and consciously scan. If AirTag abuse continues to grow, Apple may have to take more measures.

Source:Fox2 Detroit


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