These two aspects make them so special

These two aspects make them so special

KToday anyone can open a newspaper without reading it artificial intelligence (ai) To read. In fact, one can hardly open a newspaper without reading many stories about the magical new things AI can do. However, there is only one aspect of AI that is magical, and that is its autonomy: We give machines the ability to function independently in our world. And these actions can affect us humans. Not surprisingly, then, autonomy brings with it a whole range of ethical challenges.

Never before have machines been able to make decisions independently of their human masters. Until now, the machines did what we told them to do. In a way, machines have always been our slaves in the past. But soon we will have machines that will make many of their own decisions. Who? tesla car In a sense, he already has such a machine. Autonomy raises some very difficult new questions. Who is accountable for the actions of an autonomous AI? How should autonomous AI be constrained? What happens when an autonomous AI intentionally or accidentally harms or kills a human?

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