This wave of operation slips! The PS5 version was announced yesterday … “FF7 Remake” PS will be free for March. Game | Open new head newt

  This wave of operation slips!  The PS5 version was announced yesterday ...

Free games for members of PlayStation Plus in March include four games including “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, “Farpoint”, “Knack 2” and PS5 game “Maquette”. Picture: Reprinted from PlayStation Taiwan FB

SQUARE ENIX Game Studios yesterday announced that the “Final Fantasy VII remake” was released in June this year for the PS5 exclusive version and the next generation of player-limited “Yuffie Kisaragi” (Yuffie Kisaragi) operable characters and additional chapters Will go. Then Sony Interactive Entertainment announced free game payouts for PlayStation Plus members in March, and the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” is one of four games! However, the official also stated that the “PS Plus Free Tour Edition does not support upgrading to the PS5 digital version.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced the March Free Game Content for PlayStation Plus members last night. The four games are as follows: “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, “Farpoint”, “Knack 2” and a PS5 game “Maquet”.

Coincidentally, the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” was in the live broadcast material “State of Play” yesterday morning, and it was officially announced that it would launch the PS5 version exclusive “Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade”, and stated that She can upgrade the PS4 version of the “Final” players of the “Fantasy VII Remake Edition” to the PS5 platform for free, and the Progress Collection is basically integrated, but the “Yupi” chapter still requires additional purchases. , And reported that the “Yuvi” chapter will not launch the PS4 version.

Less than a day later, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s global social platform announced a March Free Games lineup for members of PlayStation Plus in Taiwan last night, including the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”! However, PS member players cannot upgrade to the PS5 digital version through the PS5 free version originally. If you want to play the PS5 version, you have to pay for it!

in March. “Final Fantasy VII remake”

, “Knock 2”, “Farpoint” and three other PS4 games, as well as a new PS5 game “Maquette”! Members of the PS platform exclusive regular service “March” issue exclusive free tour work. Blog Description (* PS Plus free travel version does not support upgrading to PS5 digital version) #PSPlus # PS4 #PSVR # PS5 By PlayStation_TW Entered on

Friday, February 26, 2021

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This wave of operations slips! The PS5 version was announced yesterday … the “FF7 remake” will be free for PS games in March


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