Tiktok star passed away suddenly at the age of 21

Tiktok star passed away suddenly at the age of 21

Canadian TikTok influencer Magha Thakur was murdered when she was just 21 years old.

Megha had around 930,000 followers on the video platform. He died on the morning of 24 November. To her fans, she was always cheerful and confident, talking about topics like body acceptance, self-love, and mental health.

The parents wrote about their daughter on Instagram: “Megha was a confident and independent young woman. We will miss her. She loved her fans and wanted you to know about her passing. At this time, we But seek your blessings. Your thoughts and prayers will be with him as he continues on his way.”

Tiktok mourns the loss of fighter Magha

Magha has struggled with mental issues in the past. He recently suffered a heart attack due to an anxiety disorder.

She always encouraged her fans in her posts: “Your posts have given me so much confidence and light when I was struggling. She was always an angel and beautiful inside and out. My condolences for your loss and may you rest in peace.” Can rest from,” writes the follower.

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