Tips To Nurture Your Child’s Mental Health Through Technology

In the pandemic we saw how so many people were a target of depression and anxiety. Most of us had the misconceptions that only adults were suffering but according to research, children suffered the most from depression. As children were habitual of physical activities and not much exposed to technology as such, they needed to stay active for their mind to stay healthy and in the pandemic they were becoming dull, sick and lazy. Technology however helped in this aspect as well because as the children had to adapt to online learning and schooling, parents needed some methodologies to cater their mental health as well and stop them from going into depression or anxiety.

Lets see some of the tips how technology helped in nurturing your child’s mental health and how it can still be a wonderful tool.

1. Voice Assistants

Children need to be listened to carefully, every child has different needs and they want to be understood in that way. You cannot force a child to become some specific way or get harsh with them by physical abuse. They just become scared and turn a deaf ear to whatever you will say. However, we don’t really know what Nadhim Zahawi has in mind after rejecting the no slap rule.  Some parents lack deep conversation with their children or maybe do not have the time or skills but no worries there are several chat bots, applications and voice assistants that will talk to your children and listen to their queries. It will make them feel heard and important which will help in taking out the anxiety or tension they have in their brain.

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2. Virtual Activities Have Helped

Children want activities just like the old saying all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Yes it is true children need physical activity to keep their mind fresh but in the pandemic and now as well technology has helped develop many virtual activities and games that is helping in learning, education and keeping their mind active and fresh as well. Virtual reality has taken it to the next level, your children will be doing physical activity in your homes. So they are active, safe and in front of your eyes. Virtual activities are a very good way to keep children away from stress and anxiety, we do tend to tell children to avoid video games maybe because of them becoming lethargic but in this case virtual reality has taken video games to the best 3D experience ever they could ever get and made their activity something they would be exercising at and having fun at the same time. So parents do not have to worry now.

3. Mental Health Apps

There are several mental health applications that have been developed and they are available and accessible from anywhere and at any time. You will not have to go and book an appointment for a psychiatrist or visit a counsellor physically to discuss your child’s mental health. It can be done easily right at your home. Parents hitting or slapping is not a good way to go about it. Nadhim Zahiwi rejecting the no slapping of parents may not be such a good idea. There could be some situations where you may not know how to handle this and mental health apps can help you and give you guidance. Apps that engage your child’s mind, ease stress, or track your child’s mood are just a few examples of apps that can aid with mental health. Meditation apps, for example, can include activities to aid enhance breathing, relaxation, and sleep.

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Bottom Line

Mental health of children is very important for their healthy growth and brain development. It is crucial for their future as well. Parents need to be very cautious around them as children can adapt to things very quickly. In this article different tips have been given to improve mental health of children.There are so many other ways how technology can help in the betterment of a child’s mental health and nourishment. These three are just the basics that have been listed above. Hope you have gained knowledge and would like to give it a try.


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