Tom Cruise transformed the apartment into a fortress and put 100 cameras! (Photo)

  Tom Cruise transformed the apartment into a fortress and put 100 cameras!  (Photo)

The actor completely renovated the apartment like a bunker, and his sisters also moved into the building.

Tom Cruise is so afraid of Taj that he has put 100 cameras around his apartment in Florida. It is a penthouse that spans the last two floors, which the actor bought in October 2018, and moved into now only after extensive renovations.

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It is interesting that the penthouse is located about a hundred meters from the headquarters of the Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Tom Cruise (58) transformed the apartment into a real fort!

Stan Photo: Youtube / Screenshot My Travel Video

The pool, jacuzzi and bar were glazed and covered with special foil.

The actor in the film “Mission Impossible” has his own pool, jacuzzi and a rooftop bar. Although, initially, it was all under the open sky, but the actor asked the master to completely cover his roof! The windows are covered with white film, so that the interior cannot be seen at all.

It has 100 cameras of all types and purposes!

His neighbor Clay Irwin, the owner of a nearby bar, says he followed the works from the beginning and told the British “The Sun” with joy that everything was covered with stones, and that 12 were found only at the entrance to the building Let’s go.

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– They installed CCTVs, motion detectors, cameras that record body heat, infrared cameras, but also reported that the same person appeared twice – Irwin explains.

The penthouse was empty for years, until Christmas, when cameras were not installed and the actors moved in. For days, Irvine broadcasted the installation of cameras and the immigration of actors on Facebook profiles. Cruz’s media representative and the Church of Scientology demanded that all recordings be removed.

– The apartment looks terrible, like a fort, it completely blocked the scene and surrounded itself with cameras on the entrance, in the garage, on the roof, there are hundred of them and when a person passes by, So they follow him – Irwin explains.

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The building, which has a penthouse in Cruz, was built by Moses Agami, a wealthy Mexican investor, who is one of the most important members of the Church of Scientology.

On the second floor, the actor has another apartment with a flight simulator and a small gym. While the work was going on, Swami was told that if anyone gets the crown – everyone is fired!

“I see shadows in her apartment, but the garage has opened only a few times so far,” Irwin says.

The building was built by the richest Scientologist!

Tom Cruise also has three sisters, Marianne Henry, Lian Guillot and Cass Caporio, and all three move into the building with him. Each lives on one floor, so they are now his neighbors.

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Cruise also bought two apartments on the second and third floors, named after his manager Nancy Chapman, and everyone believed that Connor and Isabella, the adopted children, would receive them.

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