Turkey: 16-year-old fell from 12th floor in an attempt to save his cell phone

Young Ismail Ababe lived inside Turkey And was trying to save him by falling from the 12th floor of a residential building Cell. Photo: AFP

Ismail Ababe, Young 16 year old living in Istanbul, Turkey, Fell from the 12th floor of a residential building and was trying to save it Cell Falling: He lost his balance, collided with concrete and lost his life, According to local media; Emergency bodies arrived at the scene to meet the victim.

  • The young man must have had headphones
  • Probably, that Cell Has escaped from your control
  • The young man may have sought balance in an attempt to save him

According to the media Gaziantep Herald, Security team arrived Crash site in istanbul, a major city of Turkey, They attended Young, They transferred him to a nearby hospital, but Patient died in health center, After trying to fix myself Cell On falling from the 12th floor.

incident It happened on March 1 at 2:30 p.m., Istanbul, in a residential building located at 550 Gökler Mahalesi Street, Essentur District, Turkey. According to police investigation, Ismail Ababe I was alone when i was at home Accident is the result of not leaving the phone Cell.

  • Gaziantep Herald This ensures that the boy was a murderer on the floor
  • The actions of the security forces were insufficient to protect him

Fell from the bedroom

accordingly compass, Other means of communicationYoung man from Turkey It used to fall from the window that lit up her room. Video surveillance cameras of the place showed Ismail Ababe a shocking moment After trying to recover, it hits the concrete its Cell. A witness made an emergency call.

In the video, Ismail Ababe Fell a few feet away from a passer-by; When the witnesses approached him, he realized that D. Young He was still alive and had a hearing instrument in one ear. Had to close the place Police of Turkey Start with an investigation: a CellThe perpetrator of the accident.

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