Turkish authorities arrest dozens of people for cheating digital currency investors

Turkish authorities arrest dozens of people for cheating digital currency investors

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Istanbul quoted Turkish security sources as saying that authorities arrested 62 out of 78 people in security operations, including 8 provinces.

“Thodex”, accused of cheating investors, leads to an arrest at a cryptocurrency exchange.

Authorities accused the company’s CEO and founder Farooq Fateh Ozar of forfeiting the millions of dollars deposited by the approximately 390,000 investors in the company.

Bloomberg quoted the victims’ lawyer as saying that the money invested in cryptocurrency speculation could no longer be recovered.

Turkish authorities issued a red international arrest notice for Farooq Fatih Ozar, CEO of the “Theodex” cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the Turkish Anadolu news agency, Ozar left the country for Albania via Istanbul Airport last Tuesday. And local media reported that it promised investors to pay money and later return to Turkey to face justice.

Auster founded Thodex – in the Sicilian district of Istanbul – in September 2017, with a capital of 400,000 lira.

International prosecution

The Directorate General of Security in Turkey said in a statement on Friday that it was on Thursday evening, a Istanbul prosecutor was requested to issue a red notice against Ozer, who had left the country a few days earlier and is believed to be in Albania.

The statement said contact was made with the International Police and a red notice was issued against Ozer on Friday morning.

INTERPOL Red Notice for the arrest of Thodex (Anatolia) platform founder Farooq Fateh Ozar

On the other hand, Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu made a phone call on Thursday evening with his Albanian counterpart, Blidar Jogi, to arrest Odr and extradite him to Turkey, according to the Anadolu agency.

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And the “Thodex” platform is a digital currency exchange operating under the “Finken MSB” license in the United States, and is open to users worldwide.

However, since April 20, it has closed its website and published a statement claiming that the closure is “temporary” and that it is conducting procedures for a “new partnership”. This has caused panic among the platform’s users, whose numbers are estimated. Hundreds in number, “Ozar fled and $ 2 billion worth of digital currencies disappeared.”

It is notable that the Turkish Central Bank had recently banned the use of currencies and digital assets in the purchase of goods and services, warning of the possibility of irreparable potential losses and great risks in those transactions.

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