Typo Sent $36 Million in Cryptocurrency to Nirvana

Typo Sent $36 Million in Cryptocurrency to Nirvana

cryptocurrency juno Wanted to take stern action against a major investor who had wrongfully acquired a large amount of tokens. So the Juno community decided 3 million tokens worth $36 million (34 million euros) to confiscate from him.

The money should actually be sent to a different wallet. After this the community should decide what to do next. However, a programmer has Wrong copy of wallet address And nothing sent the token.

Validators ignore errors

One of the founders of Juno, andrea dimichelshare coindesk with, she got it right Wallet address and hash number Forwarded, but without marking them. However, the developer who was supposed to make the transfer copied the hash number instead of the wallet address. Against of Senate Di Michele says that, moreover, none of 125 validatorsThose who had to release the transaction saw the error.

In Juno’s case, however, there is a way to recover lost tokens. Anyone in possession of cryptocurrency can willingly Decide to replace the blockchain. In this way, 3 million Juno tokens can be brought back through the update.

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